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Indiana State Coroners Conference


Over the weekend I got to experience something that was truly special. I was able to be a vendor and participate in the Indiana Coroner’s Conference that was held in Indianapolis. It was a three-day event (Thursday thru Saturday) in which coroners and deputy coroners throughout the state gather to get their continuing education credits and share their experiences and expertise with other like-minded people. It wasn’t all studying however, they were able to find time to have fun in between. For example, they all voted on the “best” case-study and the person was awarded with a 55-in TV! They had a superb dinner and award ceremony, along with a comedian at the end of the evening to bring some light to a very busy week of learning.

Although I was there to promote my business, I was able to meet some very interesting people that I will never forget. Like the gentleman that won the case study. We played euchre one night and it took a good hour or so to teach him the game.  We had a blast laughing all night about the “ridiculous” rules that he was having a hard time understanding.

Someone else that I didn’t think I would become friends with was a gentleman that owned a “competing” biohazard cleaning company. We spent most of the conference talking and giving each other business advise and enjoying each other's company. We both understand that we aren’t really “fighting with each other” but more “fighting for each other” with getting our business the attention and understanding from everyone else. Many do not know that we exist and it’s very important to us to get the word out. Our business can help so many people in one of the worst situations of their lives. We can bring a little comfort to those that need it most. 

Overall, I had a blast meeting over 300 new people and learning all sorts of new things. And I have no doubt that they learned a lot from me as well.