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How to Clean Up a Crime Scene


What Is the Best Way to Clean Up a Crime Scene?


Unfortunately, in the event of a crime or an accident, the responsibility of biohazard scene cleaning falls on the shoulders of the victim’s family members or the property owner. The police and investigators only come to collect evidence – they rarely help you clean up the site.

No matter how traumatizing the incident may be for the victim’s next of kin, it’s in their best interest that they get the property cleaned up and disinfected as soon as the police give a go-ahead.

Crime Scene Cleaning: 5 Steps to


The following steps are involved in crime scene cleaning.

1.    Initial Site Assessment

First off, the extent of damage and scope of the project must be identified. This helps in choosing the best cleaning tools and equipment as well as devising an effective cleaning plan. The crime scene is then contained to prevent cross-contamination.  

2.    Health and Safety Come First

Crime scene cleaners must be equipped with full protective suit while wearing double pair of cleaning gloves and double shoe coverings to minimize cross-contamination. Wearing a N95 mask is the minimal level of respiratory protection that is required, however it’s always a good idea to us a full-face respirator to overcome health and safety risks. If you are not wearing a full-face respirator then you will need some sort of eye protection too.

3.    Start from the Top

The crime scene cleaning should typically begin with the ceiling. Cleaners should move their way from top to bottom to prevent the re-contamination of areas and materials that have already been cleaned.

If there are any carpets, upholstered furniture, and other porous items at the scene that has been affected will likely need to be treated and places into biohazard marked bags or boxes. Metal and non-porous materials, on the other hand, can be treated and reused.

4.    Scrubbing and Disinfecting

All items at the scene should be cleaned and disinfected before they are removed from the scene. This will prevent the spreading of harmful diseases and infections. The cleaning instruments you use must be properly disposed of in biohazard containers. Any disinfecting chemical used to clean should be at minimum a virucide (kills all virus). Bio-One proprietary chemical is a virucide and Tuberculocidal mixture.

5. Proper Waste Disposal

All waste material should be sealed tight in red biohazard bags and containers before they are disposed of at a proper biohazard disposal site.

Useful Tools and Equipment

Here’s a list of some of the tools and equipment that make the crime scene cleaning process easier.

·        Personal protective equipment (PPE)

·        Biohazard disposal containers

·        Plastic sheets and duct tape

·        Cleaning supplies and disinfectants

·        Industrial strength deodorizers

Get Professional Help

Biohazard scene cleaning can be a challenging task if done on your own. Not to forget the scene dangers that may arise if the task isn’t done properly. The best way to clean up a scene is by hiring professional crime scene cleaners. Equipped with proper knowledge, skills, and equipment, they’ll get the job done quickly and safely at affordable rates. Get in touch with experts at Bio-One for a hassle-free experience.

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